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The Heart Attack Moment

The Heart Attack Moment

Imagine it’s mid-February. Hillary Clinton eked out a win in Iowa, lost to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, but still looks like the Democrat’s odds-on favorite going into South Carolina and Nevada. Meanwhile, Donald Trump came in a close second to Ted Cruz in Iowa and won New Hampshire, and is polling stronger than ever nationally as Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and others drop out of the GOP race. Plausible scenario, right?

Now imagine waking up to a new national poll. It shows, for the first time, Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton if the election were held today. By a wide margin.

It’s the heart attack moment. And you’d better start taking your daily aspirins, because it’s coming, folks. It’s coming.

No, I’m not saying Donald Trump is going to be our next president (though it’s not out of the realm of possibility). I’m saying that once he has proven he can win a primary and isn’t going away, and Clinton has been sullied up a bit in New Hampshire by Sanders, lots of moderate conservatives and anti-Clinton independents are going to think that Trump is starting to look pretty darn good. He’ll be even more bellicose than usual in his victories, and he’ll be emboldened (even more!) to take on Hillary and Bill. He may even start parading Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky on stage with him at his rallies. Why not? The Clintons, who are by nature overly cautious, will try to ignore or avoid the indignation of it all. And the Clinton haters in the GOP will love it.

So I’m just preparing you now. Don’t panic. Don’t put the house on the market and start shopping for real estate in Vancouver. Ultimately these political blips tend to even out and regress back to the norm by summertime when the conventions take place. And a Trump coronating convention will be an ugly thing for Americans to behold. Our love for NASCAR car crashes and hockey fights aside, we as a nation will wake up and elect the person whom we know can be a rational, responsible president. We all want to see our kids grow up without having lived through a nuclear exchange or two, and we know Donald Trump isn’t the person we want with the launch codes in his wallet.

But the moment will come when it seems as if Donald Trump might just be our next president. And at that moment, oh, the antacids and aspirins will start flying off the shelves!

It may just be a great house buying opportunity, as the “For Sale” signs will be out in droves.

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2 comments on The Heart Attack Moment

  1. Jeff Kurtz says:

    I can’t imagine a reality where Trump will ever begin looking like a good option. If the U.S. population places Trump in the Oval Office, then we deserve to suffer its consequences. I sure hope it doesn’t come to that.

  2. Tonaor says:

    Or, it’s all just a bunch of crap from a shameless ptoilical party that exists solely to foist the biddings of a tiny, well-funded minority on the entire population. At some point the fact that the party of business takes a Corleone-like it’s just business approach to civic responsibility as if they even believe in such a thing becomes inescapable. The party of Eisenhower is now the party of Gordon Gekko, and truth is a laughable pretender to profit’s throne. Anything goes and we’re a ruble’s throw from a gangster society.

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