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Enjoying the Political Super Bowl

Enjoying the Political Super Bowl

I’m watching the movie “Anomalisa” yesterday (save your money). And you know how your mind wanders during a bad movie? So my thoughts start wandering to politics and the primary campaigns and all the angst and vitriol people are spewing over it all. “Hillary is corrupt!”… “Trump is a fascist!”… “Bernie’s a socialist!”… “Rubio wears high heels!”… “If my candidate doesn’t get the nomination, I’m voting third party and moving to Switzerland!”

And it suddenly occurs to me, I don’t really care that much who wins anymore. That’s right. I have officially stopped caring. And the universe is suddenly looking a whole lot brighter.  😃

Oh, I still sort of hope Hillary gets the nomination…like I hope to find a $10 bill on the ground. But I can live with it or without it. If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, fine – we’ll go with it and hope for the best. It would probably be a fun campaign to follow. And who knows, maybe there’s a shot he can win in this bizarro political landscape.

If Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, or Bush win the presidency, so be it. The nation survived Nixon, Reagan, two Bushes and a Cheney. We’ll survive one of these guys. Plus, a Trump presidency would be highly entertaining. Like a wild, eight bike Tour de France pileup you can watch every day. No one gets hurt but it’s fun to see the bodies go flying.

So please put me down for now as an emotionally detached spectator. I’ll still be watching and enjoying the action, but I won’t be living or dying with each play. You can have all that angst. I’ll be grazing at the food table.

Of course, I’ll still be commenting on it all, in my articles, blogs and Facebook posts – because that part I find quite fun. But not with a heavy emotional investment in how it shakes out, as if it’s going to make a difference in my life. It really won’t. At my age, virtually nothing these people can do could harm me anymore. Of course, I want the best for America and my kids’ generation. But I’m done worrying about things that are out of my control. All I can do is comment and vote. After that, America will have to fend for itself.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not cynical. I’m not bitter. And I definitely don’t feel defeated. I actually feel liberated. I can truly enjoy it all now. Just like a great Super Bowl party, you enjoy it most when your team isn’t playing.

Besides, I’ll probably get what I wanted anyway. Hillary is still likely to be our next president. But I am going to savor following the primaries and general election regardless of how it all plays out. I hope the rest of you can find the same inner peace and joy in the process. It’s the world’s greatest spectator sport, and I am absolutely loving the pageantry and excitement.

Now, where are the beers and the chicken wings?

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