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I’m Not You, But…

I’m Not You, But…

I’m not a woman, and probably never will be. (Sorry, guys.) But if I were a woman, I couldn’t see voting for anyone but Hillary Clinton. Not BECAUSE she’s a woman. But because her policies and career prove her to be a passionate advocate for the issues that most directly affect women’s lives. Trump’s policies will make it harder for single working mothers to pay for childcare, harder to get health insurance, harder to afford college and, by the way he is vociferously supporting Roger Ailes, probably harder to deter sexual harassment in the workplace. Hillary Clinton says “women’s rights are human rights.” Donald Trump never says a single word about either.
I’m not black. But if I were, I couldn’t see voting for anyone but Hillary Clinton. How could blacks even think of voting for Donald Trump, who took sides against the BLM movement in favor of tougher policing and a crackdown on violent crime (which he implies is mostly caused by blacks and illegal immigrants). Trump says he wants to “crack down” on inner city street crime. But everyone who’s paying attention knows that means cracking down with stop and frisk, presumptive policing, racial and ethnic profiling, longer prison sentencing guidelines, more death penalty prosecutions, and Kent State style militarized responses to civil protest. Trump doesn’t care about black people; he cares about white people who are suspicious of black people. Hillary Clinton used the term “super predator” once twenty years ago. Trump uses the word “thug” as often as a first name. Donald Trump’s America is a conceal carry America, a George Zimmerman America, a Philando Castile America, and a Sandra Bland America.

In fact, in Trump’s America, the photo above might just as easily look like this:

No, this is NOT a real photo. But that underlying message comes through in Trump's policies.

I’m not Latino. But if I were, I couldn’t see voting for anyone but Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump doesn’t want Hispanics here, he’s made that clear. Oh, he says he’ll only go after undocumented felons first. But his base wants them all out. All he’d have to do is get the GOP congress to fund an additional 1,000 ICE agents and there is your deportation force, ready to go. How can you vote for a man knowing that two years later, your son/father/daughter/mother/cousin might just not come home…and you’d never know if they ran away, got killed, or were deported in a sudden ICE operation. People complain about all the errors on the no-fly list. Imagine how many mistaken names will be on that deportation list, how many similar names to yours, and how unwilling they will be to do the due diligence needed to make sure the “Jorge Gonzalez” they’re throwing onto a packed deportation plane is the right one.

I’m not a millennial
. But if I were, I couldn’t see voting for anyone but Hillary Clinton. Compared to Donald Trump, she’s the candidate who will protect the environment, lighten the burden of student debt, increase the minimum wage (which raises all wages), and not give back the entire healthcare industry to unregulated, predatory private insurance companies who love to collect premiums but hate to pay claims. Sure, if I were a millennial, I’d be excited about starting a political revolution of progressive values. But after four or eight years of a Donald Trump administration – which is the ONLY REAL OPTION to a Hillary Clinton presidency – that progressive revolution might mean fighting just to get back a woman’s right to choose; a gay’s right to marry the person s/he loves; a college graduate’s right not to live in permanent, crushing debt; a DREAMER’s right to stay in the country s/he was born in; and a black person’s right to vote. Progressives fought for decades to achieve all those revolutions. Donald Trump could turn them all back in one single term.
I’m not a Republican. But if I were, I couldn’t see voting for anyone but Hillary Clinton. Because Donald Trump’s Republican party is going to be the party of Sarah Palin, David Duke, Ann Coulter, and Steve Bannon. You may enjoy seeing Hillary Clinton go down to defeat in November, but at the cost of seeing your entire party implode within four years. It took twenty years for the GOP to recover from the last business man they elected, Herbert Hoover. And the Whigs never recovered from the presidency of “outsider” candidate Zachary Taylor and his hapless successor, Millard Fillmore – the Mike Pence of his time.
I’m not you. But I’d think twice before doing ANYTHING that could help elect Donald Trump. I’ll be voting for the only person who can actually beat him. Anything less will make you an accomplice in whatever happens next.

Kevin Kelton is the co-host of the “A More Perfect Union” podcast and founder of the Facebook political discussion group, Open Fire.


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