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Pence: Table for Two? (Ep. 90)

Pence: Table for Two? (Ep. 90)

This “More Perfect Union” podcast covers the reasons why Congress may be hesitant to give Michael Flynn immunity (and rumors of his tryst with a sexy Russian translator named Svetlana), Mike Pence’s reluctance to dining with sexy American women other than his wife, D.J.’s attraction to a not-so-sexy carbon emissions tax, and whether or not the Trump campaign incited violence at its rallies. Then Rebekah reveals the one thing that will ultimately bring Donald Trump down.

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2 comments on Pence: Table for Two? (Ep. 90)

  1. Elske says:

    Hi folks,
    Just a quick note about your section about carbon tax. While I agree that you can use any policy to address global warming (or a policy of looking the other way, as we are seeing), I was gravely concerned to hear climate denialism on this podcast. There is in fact more than sufficient evidence that increased CO2 in the atmosphere has led to changes in global climate, including temperature increases, higher variability in weather patterns, more storms, melting of ice caps and sea level rises. All of these have incredibly detrimental effects on other humans on our planet (and plants, animals and other organisms if you care about those).
    Anyway. I understand that some of you (DJ perhaps? I struggle with attaching the voices to names) have questions about the science. I think any climate scientist would be happy to explain to you the scientific research on global climate change. I am a biologist and not necessarily a climate scientist, but I would be more than happy to give it a stab if you want your questions answered.
    take care!

  2. Kristi says:

    I just listened to this podcast and I had to take a pause. Mainly because I got depressed due to the gross sexism displayed in the podcast. The inherent cultural belief that if two people of two different sex meet alone the meeting HAS to be of a sexual and romantic nature is depressing to me. It degrades females and males alike. In the word of the presidential baby; SAD!

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