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The Miserable Mind of a Miserable Man

The Miserable Mind of a Miserable Man

by Kevin Kelton

Imagine the late-night inner thoughts of Donald Trump. Imagine you’re him. You know you lied, cheated, bullied, and bamboozled your way to the presidency, the same unethical way you achieved every “success” in your life. Now Robert Mueller, leading a team of expert prosecutors and the entire FBI, is going through your business and financial life with a lice comb. You know what is out there for him to find. And you know he’ll find it.

 So you are constantly seething. You can’t sleep. You sweat and squirm when you think of all the conversations you had that you shouldn’t have had…the illicit foreign monies you helped launder in real estate deal after real estate deal…the Las Vegas and Atlantic City casino skims…the tax schemes and “loopholes” that maybe weren’t 100% kosher..the mob connections and payoffs that let you cheat unions and skirt construction laws….the fact that you used your sons and daughter as bag men for your illicit deals…the Russian hookers…and that your desperately unhappy, pissed off 3rd wife (who you serially cheat on) knows about most of it and could send you to prison in a heartbeat. (Meaning she could finally get rid of your cheatin’ ass without worrying about that airtight prenup you make all your wives sign.)
You’re Donald Trump and you KNOW what it is that everybody else can only muse about. You know they’ve got you dead-to-right. And the people like James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions that you were counting on to build a moat around your kingdom of crime have all turned on you. Your daughter’s husband is probably going to be indicted, and your son may not be far behind.
AND… because you are the POTUS and have access to the most inside information in the world, you know things about the state of the Mueller investigation that mere mortals like us won’t find out about for months or longer. You know what’s coming weeks before it hits the front pages of the NY Times and WaPo. Every day Reince or Steve or some intel flunky tell you what you don’t want to hear: that Mueller already has your tax returns, that Kislyak was wiretapped, that Jared’s security disclosure forms are rife with omissions that could serve as proof of perjury. You know what really was said in the Natalia Veselnitskaya meeting, and what she *really* offered in return for lifting the Magnitsky Act. You know Flynn discussed sanctions and encouraged Russia to leak the DNC emails.
You know it all !

And every night, when the West Wing staff goes home, and Melania retreats to her private suite – and its just you and CNN and MSNBC – you foresee the unraveling of your presidency and your life. You know you could probably pull the plug on Mueller and make it all go away. But you wonder if you’d just be unleashing the political hell and fury you are trying so pathetically to avoid.

“Would Paul Ryan really have my back?”
“Would Mitch McConnell rather deal with a President Pence?”
“Do I go for the Session and Mueller kills now, or would I be stepping on a land mine?”
“Am I really as powerful as I think I am?”
“Am I really as powerless as I feel?”
You are Donald Trump and you know what the rest of the world is only guessing at. And you know it’s even worse than their worst guesses.
You are fat, frightened, fuming Donald Trump. Every single minute of every single day. Especially in the quiet of night in a prison called The White House. You are miserable in your triumph. And it will only get worse.

It must be miserable being Donald Trump these days. We’re all guessing. What Trump knows must drive him mad!


Kevin Kelton is the cohost of The More Perfect Union podcast and the founder of the Facebook political debate group, Open Fire.

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