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Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice

“The More Perfect Union” podcast co-host Rebekah Kuschmider gives a talk on lessons she learned from her mother on women’s reproductive rights and reproductive justice at the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethesda, Maryland. (June 9, 2019)

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One comment on “Reproductive Justice

  1. Karl Schulmeisters says:

    I like the “deny medical care” approach to the morality.

    However I think it is a mistake to talk about “pro life” vs ” reproductive rights.

    this is about Forced Birth. And Forced Birth is clearly a violation of a woman’s
    First Amendment rights – (belief in when “personhood” begins. “life” is not the question since Epidermal Stem Cells we slough by the millions are as “viable” as a fertilized ovum

    4th Amendment right to be secure in one’s person
    13th Amendment right to be free of involuntary servitude

    14th Amendment Equal Protection before the law rights because of how this is applied to ONLY women

    Afterall – even if a born child dies of liver failure, it is against a man’s 13th and 4th Amendment rights to be forced to donate a liver resection. It is important to note that a Liver resection surgery is
    LESS Violent
    LESS painful
    LESS likely to cause permanent physical damage
    than giving birth

    We cannot even compel a man to suffer a nasty needle prick to extract bone marrow to save his brother’s life
    even though the risk of that is negligible and the pain limited to an ache that lasts a few days

    we cannot even violate the 1st Ammendment rights of a parent to compel a blood donation to save her born child’s life

    so clearly women are not “Equal Before the Law”
    clearly Forced Birth is unconstitutional.

    the only problem with Roe v Wade is the cavalier manner in which 9 old white men, dismissed the Involuntary Servitude claims of the plaintiff with a capricious wave of their proverbial hands

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