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“F” The Gun Culture (Ep. 221)

“F” The Gun Culture (Ep. 221)

On the heels of yet another mass shooting in Texas, the More Perfect Union hosts discuss the second amendment, the rationale for hunting as a sport, and how to take on the out-of-control gun culture in this country. Then they turn their sights to the 2020 primaries and the rest of the week in Trumplandia, then finish with a look at Dave Chappell’s new Netflix special and the state of standup comedy in the #metoo era.

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One comment on ““F” The Gun Culture (Ep. 221)

  1. Karlis Schulmeisters says:

    So in response to Kevin asking for supporters of his view to chime in, I’m posting here and will post on D.j.’s thread on this as well

    below is a URL to a video of an “average hunting rifle owner” – a man like dozens of elk and deer hunters I’ve known in WA, NY and PA, but NONE like I’ve known in France where I now live.

    and he is getting off on firing the MOST POPULAR – semi-automatic hunting rifle – just as close to “full automatic” as you can with an AR-15 and a “bump stock”. and all he needs is pants with a belt loop, and a high capacity magazine. These are EXACTLY the sorts of amusements hunters I would help pack in on horseback would do in their camps. There simply is ZERO reason for any competent hunter to need more than three rounds to bring down/kill their target.

    In fact, during migratory bird season, my late godfather/uncle would hunt with semi-automatic shotguns. These shotguns were capable of 5-10 rounds chambered in an internal magazine. but hunting regulations required that the internal magazine be modified to only hold 3 rounds.

    All Semi-automatic firearms should be similarly limited by law. Under Heller, any arm that meets the legal standard of “dangerousness” – which is that “as commonly used causes more harm than benefit” , can be banned or regulated. It is pretty clear from the ratio of deaths to “defensive uses” that we have met this standard with semi-automatic firearms with externally replaceable magazine

    So any “assault weapons ban” MUST… MUST address the semi-automatic hunting rifle because the difference between an AR-15 and a Ruger 22, is mostly in the looks (a bit in the ammunition) and not in the function. And as Kevin points out, you don’t need an AR-15 to hunt anything but humans.

    My proposal would be to require all semi-automatic firearms to be retrofitted to have internal/non-removable only magazines limited to 3 rounds. so that the kind of “spray the crowd” shootings we have been seeing, simply cannot be done

    Watch the video.
    this is not an “assault rifle” under any definition of the law, but it is as deadly as an AR-15 with a bump stock

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