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The “Bloomberg’s Billions” Fallacy

The “Bloomberg’s Billions” Fallacy

by Kevin Kelton

Mike Bloomberg recently pledged that even if he isn’t the Democratic nominee, he’d gladly use billions of his dollars to help defeat Donald Trump. That money would come in handy for the eventual nominee. But after the pummeling he took in last night’s debate, does anybody really believe that Bloomy would drop a couple of billion to help out Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? No way in hell.

Bloomberg may hate Trump and what he’s doing to the country. But he loves himself more, and won’t look kindly on helping elect a person who just publicly destroyed his lifetime’s work and reputation, morphing him into a sexual predator in the process.

If one of those far left candidates who eviscerated his public persona last night were to emerge as the party’s standard bearer, Bloomberg would probably just shift his donations to help elect Democratic Senate and House candidates. He surely isn’t going to drop a cool bil to help elect someone he just labeled a “communist” or who just labeled him a defender of sexual harassment.

That’s why I now believe the safest bet for Democrats would be to define the moderate lane by rallying behind either Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg. Neither of them hit Bloomberg hard enough to draw his eternal ire, and both are ideological matches for the socially liberal capitalist.

If Joe or Pete can somehow consolidate the moderate lane and garner enough delegates to go toe to toe with Bernie in April and May, I can see Bloomberg dropping out and shifting his financial allegiance to the only true capitalist left in the race.

And if they can wrestle the nomination away from the surging socialist, Biden or Buttigieg would be well positioned to ride Mike’s mega-bucks into the Fall campaign.

If you believe Bernie Sanders has the ideology and the spunk to defeat Trump, you have your candidate. But if you believe that a socialist who wants to take away private health insurance from 170,000,000 Americans is a risk Democrats cannot take, your smart bet is to help keep Joe or Pete in the fight.

Vote with you head, not your heart. Buyer’s remorse is painful. But four more years of Trump remorse would be a knockout punch for the world as we know it.

KevinKelton is a cohost of The More Perfect Union podcast and founder of Open Fire Politics on Facebook.

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One comment on “The “Bloomberg’s Billions” Fallacy

  1. Anthony says:

    That doesn’t make sense. So because the two weaker cadidates did not go in on Bloomberg as hard as Sanders or Warren we should shift our support because he “may” pitch his money in. He was trying to buy the election now we should allow his money to buy the nomination. Why!?

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