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A Plan To Fight Trump’s Coup

A Plan To Fight Trump’s Coup

by Kevin Kelton

Democrats had no plan for acting on the Mueller Report, no plan for compelling testimony in the impeachment hearings or trial, no plan for passing a new pandemic stimulus, no plan for meaningful police reform, no plan for meaningful gun reform after Sandy Hook, Vegas and Parkland, no plan to stop the Trump sabotage of the postal service, no plan for stopping McConnell from confirming Ginsburg’s replacement, and no plan for ensuring all the mail-in ballots get counted.
So what makes you think they have a plan after Nov. 3rd? They don’t. Their plan is to lose in the courts and complain on MSNBC.
I think Biden is going to get 8,000,000 more votes than Trump. But 4 to 5 million of them may never be counted.
Bernie says if Trump cheats, “People need to take to the streets.” Ha! That won’t deter Trump or his party. People have been taking to the streets since May. It’s accomplished nothing except canceling some NBA and NHL games.
Bill Maher is right. All the Dems seem to have are hopes and wishes that the GOP will do the right thing and turn on Trump. But they may not. So we’d better come up with a solid, ACTIONABLE PLAN now that doesn’t depend on Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh saving our butts.
You want a plan? Here’s a plan:
1) start counting mail-in ballots at 7:00am on Election Day and do not stop counting for ANYTHING. No sleep breaks, no meal breaks, no delaying because outside agitators are yelling and pounding at the doors. Keep counting! And count fast! Local police should be stationed at every single counting center and told that no one – not the FBI, not the National Guard, not DHS agents – no one touches those ballots until they are counted TWICE. These are local elections and the local police must be told their job and sworn to do it.
2) the federal government needs a Continuing Resolution to stay funded. So only fund the government until Nov. 10th. Not a day longer. If Trump and Barr try to coax state legislatures into ignoring their states’ vote counts, shut it all down. Everything. SS checks…the Pentagon…the DOJ. Stop paying senators. Shut the MF country down! If Trump won’t relinquish power after losing, don’t fund his government. Will Americans suffer in the short term? Yes. But that’s better than allowing the country to fall into a dictatorship. What Trump is calling for is a coup d’ etat of the newly elected president. Don’t fund it.
3) Impeach everything that breathes…repeatedly! Trump, Pence, Barr…even John Roberts if he swears in Trump on Jan 20th. (Impeach him for swearing in the person who lost the election.) Will they get convicted in the senate? No, not the first time. Probably not the second time. Maybe not even the third. Doesn’t matter. The point is to tie them up so they can not govern. It’s an illegitimate government. Don’t give it power.
4) Better yet, the House should simply vote Biden in as president no matter what the SCOTUS rules or John Roberts does. Set up a functioning government. You do not need control of the White House to run the country. If the GOP wants divided government, let’s give it to them. Two presidencies. Then let’s see which party the people support in the 2022 midterms. I’ll bet they support the Democrats in another huge wave. Then let Trump try to override that election, too.
If he’s planning to be an unelected tyrant in the United States of America, real Americans better get ready to fight him on it.

Kevin Kelton is a cohost of The More Perfect Union podcast and founder of Open Fire Politics.


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