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Hillary and the Politics of Hate

In my last year of college, we heard a rumor that our school was going to land ex-president Richard Nixon as our commencement speaker. This would have been quite...

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Longing for the magic fix

by Kevin Kelton One of the reasons I think I have pretty good political sensibilities is that I actually listen and pay attention to details. So when Jeb Bush...

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The Debate Bernie Sanders Already Won

by Kevin Kelton Next Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Democrats will hold their first debate of the 2016 presidential primary season. But it’s already clear that the winner will be...

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How Many Debates Do Primary Voters Need?

by Kevin Kelton As the date of first Democratic primary debate approaches, a lot of the party faithful are up in arms because DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is...

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While Joe Mulls, Dems Should Move On

By Kevin Kelton Democrats all like Joe Biden. We know he is a smart and loyal vice president, a solid progressive, and we mourn for the painful loss of...

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Polls don’t tell the true story

by Kevin Kelton You’ve heard of college basketball’s March Madness? This year’s presidential primary campaign should be called Polling Madness. In the course of just three weeks, the media...

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Beware of Political Witch Doctors

by Kevin Kelton I’m beginning to think there is a mass hysteria spreading across America – a real, delusional mass hysteria – about wanting a rebel candidate who will “fix”...

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