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Maybe Sanders Ain’t So Bad

Segments: Kevin goes to a Sanders rally! DJ declares Paul Ryan #VonPapenized! Jonah invites to to his Libertarian Corner! Check out this episode!

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Chatting With A Bernie or Buster

  Segments: The Libertarian Choice Let’s meet a Bernie supporter Do SuperDelegates vote? (Hint: Y-E-S !) What the Bernie or Bust movement means Will the Democrats have a contested convention? (Hint: N-O!) Strip Tease at the...

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Bathroom Politics and Sanders Anger

Segments: Bathroom politics. All the lefties are pissed and it’s Bernie’s fault. And I guess we should talk about the vice president. Check out this episode!

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Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic

Segments: Trump clinches the nomination (mostly). Count the names of exiting Republicans. Clinton’s best strategy? Ignore Sanders. Check out this episode!

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It’s Over. Probably.

Segments: What Pennsylvania taught us Emily and Kevin spend a day at a delegate caucus Trump pivots, Cruz divots… OR… ”Oy-Carly” White House Correspondents’ Dinner What’s appropriate political satire Bernie’s platform demands Is the Woman...

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Front Runner Is As Front Runner Does

Segments: Clinton and Trump win big in New York. Surprise! Virginia allows certain felons to vote. Apparently felons are also human. Harriet Tubman probably would have shot Andrew Jackson in the face. Check out this episode!

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Republicans Love The Naughty Bits

Segments: The way you pee is very important to me! Robert’s Rules of Order stages a sneak attack! A surprising Trump voter. Check out this episode!

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New York State of Mind

Segments: Bernie’s Superdelegate “hit list” Roger Stone’s Mafia move The state of the StopTrump and StopHillary movements Trump’s Rocky Mountain Low Is Pennsylvania Kasich’s last shot? Where are the Democratic party’s referees?

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Trump Under Siege; Hillary Under Cheese

  Segments: Trump Momentum Gets Aborted Why Kasich Can’t Win But Still Might Could A Cheesehead State Bernie Burn Singe Clinton’s Campaign?

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Cruz and Trump Think Your Wife Is Dumb

Segments: Politics after the Brussels Terror Attacks Ted and Heidi versus Donald and Melania The (Alleged) Cruz Mistresses Scandal Bernie v. Hillary banter A chat with an actual Trump supporter

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The GOP Plot Against Trump

Segments: We are finally beginning to see a detailed strategy to stop Trump: from the Republicans. Bernie Sanders is in to win it. Exactly how, we’re not sure. Turns out Obama is popular. Is that because...

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Normal Political Violence

Segments: Is violence at political events the new normal? Does the violence issue help or hurt the Sanders campaign? How much of the minority vote does Sanders actually need? Can he find it in the...

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Romney Arrives To Save Us All

Segments: Here he comes to save the day! Mighty Mitt is on the way! Clinton vs Sanders in a gun fight. Four Republican paths to the nomination. No, really. Maybe the worst set of political predictions...

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Super Tuesday Is Super Crazy

Segments: Will Trump run the table? Will Sanders win outside of his home state? Will D.J. leave the Republican party? Will Trump give Rubio’s mom a job?

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