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Bewitched vs. I Dream Of Jeannie (Ep. 302)

This week the guys talk about classic TV shows as well as current events involving Matt Gaetz, the Biden infrastructure plan, the MLB all-star game boycott of Georgia, the death of G. Gordon Liddy, and how to kill a man with a pencil. (Ooops!)

Roaring Twenties (Ep. 301)

This week the MPU gang looks at Donald Trump’s return to the public eye, the sad uptick in mass shootings, Republican attempts at voter suppression, and what it all portends for the 2020s and beyond.

Dr Seuss Abuse (Ep. 298)

This week’s podcast covers the Dr. Seuss kerfuffle, whether Andrew Cuomo should resign or not, mask burning rallies in Idaho, the hosts’ stories of trying to get their Covid vaccines, and what Walter Cronkite might be like if he was broadcasting the news today.

Fired By Robocall (Ep. 295)

This week’s podcast looks ahead to the senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, a discussion of who should be in line to get the coronavirus vaccine next, some joy over Lou Dobbs being dumped by Fox Business News, and the best and worst ways to find out you’ve been fired.

The Final Days (Ep. 292)

Joined by a Gen Z public policy student at American University in D.C., the gang looks at the final days of the Trump Administration and what to expect from the coming senate impeachment trial and Biden’s first hundred days.


Election Afterglow (Ep. 283)

In this week’s podcast, the gang looks at Trump’s continuing effort to contest the election and the list of Republican senators who could be drafted into the Biden cabinet, thereby allowing their state’s Democratic governor to pick their replacement.

Mr. Borat Goes To Washington (Ep. 280)

This week’s podcast looks at the final presidential debate, the panic among Democrats about GOP post-election shenanigans, the panic in the media about Jeffrey Toobin’s Zoom shenanigans, the feud between Lou Dobbs and Lindsey Graham, and how Sacha Baron Cohen may have just helped make Joe Biden president.

Staying-Sane 2020

by Kevin Kelton

As we count down to election night and then a week or two of uncertainty following it, it’s important that everyone take a step back and settle in for the possibility of BOTH outcomes. With that in mind, here’s a few tips on how to survive the next two weeks:

1) Remember that no election is ever a sure thing. It’s okay to like your chances and feel optimistic. Just remember that no matter which way the polls are leaning, either candidate could win. It’s when you go in to an election night thinking the outcome is certain, that you come out devistated.

2) Realize that history is longer than you and me, and America isn’t falling apart due to any election or presidency. Even given another four years, this guy can’t undo 240. America survived James Buchanan (barely), Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover (barely again), Richard Nixon, and two Reagan terms. (And believe me, plenty of us thought he was pretty awful at the time.) If you don’t know much about these infamous stains on the presidency, listen to a few episodes of the Very Presidential pocast. You’ll learn that Trump is just the latest in a long history of crazy, narcisistic, incompetent a-holes who somehow fooled enough voters to get to the Oval Office. Sure, Trump is worse by far, and a second term would be dreadful. But he won’t dismantle America. He’ll just reset the bar a few notches lower.

3) Know that we’ve had conservative SCOTUS courts before. But a somewhat sane middle tends to emerge. Look at John Roberts. Look at Anthony Kennedy, who was a conservative appointee. Look at Sandra Day O’Connor (a Reagan appointee), David Souter, John Paul Stevens, Earl Warren. All Republican appointees who moved considerably left over time.

4) Read some history to get some perspective. American presidential politics tend to swing to extremes, from Coolidge and Hoover to FDR… from Eisenhower to JFK… from Nixon-Ford to Carter… from Carter to Reagan… from Reagan-Bush to Clinton… from W to Obama… from Obama to this guy. I suspect it will swing again in 2020. But if it takes until 2024 or even 2028, a progressive Democrat will occupy the WH eventually and there will be a new progressive era, with a progressive congress to help move this country in the right direction. Shifting demographics and the arc of history dictate it. You can take that to the bank. (Even to a Chinese bank account.)

5) Reset your priorities. Our job in life is not to obsess over D.C. and MSNBC/FOX all day. All you can do is volunteer in campaigns, donate, advocate, and vote. Then you have to let your representatives (loathesome as some may be) do their jobs while we return to our lives. As everyone in Open Fire knows, I love politics. You probably do too or you wouldn’t be reading this. But it’s not healthy to become obsessed with it. Live you life! Eat good/bad food. Play golf, or travel, or see a show. Make love. Enjoy your kids and grandkids. Do great things at work and build a nest egg. Find Facebook friends you genuinely like go meet them in person to make new real-world friends (as I did recently). Politics – like work, sex, family, sports, and cleaning up your dog’s poop – need not dominate your mind and soul. You don’t have to live every day under Trump’s spell.

6) Finally, take heart. Because I promise you this: this man you detest, he will get his comeupance. He’s too vulnerable and too crazy not to. And because of who he is, it will be gnawing and painful. His marriage is vulnerable. His children are (very) vulnerable. His business is vulnerable. And there will be legal consequences. Nixon fell. Weinstein fell. Cosby fell. OJ fell. Epstein fell. This guy will too. He’s a walking timebomb and his mouth is the lit match. So sit back and wait for the fireworks.

Because THAT show, whether it’s in 2021 or 2023 or 2025, will be freaking awesome!

Kevin Kelton is a cohost of The More Perfect Union podcast and founder of Open Fire Politics.


October Surprise (Ep. 279)

This episode covers the Trump and Biden dualing townhalls, the state of the race with two weeks left, and everything that’s wrong with the “October Surprise” of the Hunter Biden faux email scandal.

The Regenerator (Ep. 278)

This episode looks at the president’s return to the campaign trail after his Covid vacation, the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings, and whether Donald Trump can revive his sinking re-election campaign.

The Oval Covid Ward (Ep. 277)

This episode covers Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis, the first presidential debate and how SNL parodied it, and whether sente candidate Cal Cunningham’s sexting scandal could doom the Democrats’ chances for control of the senate.

A Plan To Fight Trump’s Coup

by Kevin Kelton

Democrats had no plan for acting on the Mueller Report, no plan for compelling testimony in the impeachment hearings or trial, no plan for passing a new pandemic stimulus, no plan for meaningful police reform, no plan for meaningful gun reform after Sandy Hook, Vegas and Parkland, no plan to stop the Trump sabotage of the postal service, no plan for stopping McConnell from confirming Ginsburg’s replacement, and no plan for ensuring all the mail-in ballots get counted.
So what makes you think they have a plan after Nov. 3rd? They don’t. Their plan is to lose in the courts and complain on MSNBC.
I think Biden is going to get 8,000,000 more votes than Trump. But 4 to 5 million of them may never be counted.
Bernie says if Trump cheats, “People need to take to the streets.” Ha! That won’t deter Trump or his party. People have been taking to the streets since May. It’s accomplished nothing except canceling some NBA and NHL games.
Bill Maher is right. All the Dems seem to have are hopes and wishes that the GOP will do the right thing and turn on Trump. But they may not. So we’d better come up with a solid, ACTIONABLE PLAN now that doesn’t depend on Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh saving our butts.
You want a plan? Here’s a plan:
1) start counting mail-in ballots at 7:00am on Election Day and do not stop counting for ANYTHING. No sleep breaks, no meal breaks, no delaying because outside agitators are yelling and pounding at the doors. Keep counting! And count fast! Local police should be stationed at every single counting center and told that no one – not the FBI, not the National Guard, not DHS agents – no one touches those ballots until they are counted TWICE. These are local elections and the local police must be told their job and sworn to do it.
2) the federal government needs a Continuing Resolution to stay funded. So only fund the government until Nov. 10th. Not a day longer. If Trump and Barr try to coax state legislatures into ignoring their states’ vote counts, shut it all down. Everything. SS checks…the Pentagon…the DOJ. Stop paying senators. Shut the MF country down! If Trump won’t relinquish power after losing, don’t fund his government. Will Americans suffer in the short term? Yes. But that’s better than allowing the country to fall into a dictatorship. What Trump is calling for is a coup d’ etat of the newly elected president. Don’t fund it.
3) Impeach everything that breathes…repeatedly! Trump, Pence, Barr…even John Roberts if he swears in Trump on Jan 20th. (Impeach him for swearing in the person who lost the election.) Will they get convicted in the senate? No, not the first time. Probably not the second time. Maybe not even the third. Doesn’t matter. The point is to tie them up so they can not govern. It’s an illegitimate government. Don’t give it power.
4) Better yet, the House should simply vote Biden in as president no matter what the SCOTUS rules or John Roberts does. Set up a functioning government. You do not need control of the White House to run the country. If the GOP wants divided government, let’s give it to them. Two presidencies. Then let’s see which party the people support in the 2022 midterms. I’ll bet they support the Democrats in another huge wave. Then let Trump try to override that election, too.
If he’s planning to be an unelected tyrant in the United States of America, real Americans better get ready to fight him on it.

Kevin Kelton is a cohost of The More Perfect Union podcast and founder of Open Fire Politics.