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Executive Orders and Wet Ass P*ssy (Ep. 269)

This week, the MPU hosts look at why Trump’s latest executive orders will not advance the cause of pandemic relief and why Cardi B’s new song about women’s sexual power does advance modern day feminism. EXPLICIT CONTENT!

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The Ted Bundy Recession (Ep. 268)

This week the gang talks about Trump’s threat to delay the election, how and why the the postmaster general is trying to weaken the postal service, the war on TikTok, the demon sperm doctor who endorsed hydroxychloroquine, and the hosts make their best guesses as to why Joe Biden’s vp announcement was delayed.

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Bitches Get Stuff Done (Ep. 267)

  This week’s podcast covers the escalating tensions on the streets of Portland and Seattle, Kim Kardashian’s comments about Kanye’s bipolar disorder, Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard, and AOC’s perfect takedown of Ted Yoho.    

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Portlandia (Ep. 266)

This week’s podcast looks at the highly suspicious federal agents being unleashed on the streets of Portland and the highly suspicious President being unleashed on Chris Wallace and Fox News.  

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Covid Hits Home (Ep. 265)

As the coronavirus pandemic rips through the nation, everyone seems to know someone who’s been personally affected, including the More Perfect Union family. This week Kevin and Jessica describe their experience after testing positive for Covid-19.

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Fundraising Fireworks (Ep. 264)

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TikTok Carnage (Ep. 262)

This week’s MPU podcast looks at how millennials on TikTok turned Trump’s Tulsa rally into a low-turnout debacle, the new John Bolton book PR debacle for the administration, and how the Supreme Court continues to defy expectations with surprisingly fair-minded decisions.

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Latest Articles

Winning the Vote-By-Mail War

by Kevin Kelton The vote-by-mail war is on! With President Donald Trump and his puppet Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, aligning to muck up the postal service’s ability to collect and deliver mail-in ballots, Democrats in Congress seem to have little power to resist Trump’s assault on the USPS budget and processes. Yet the battle is...

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If Trump Refuses To Leave (The John Roberts Conundrum)

by Kevin Kelton Should the results of the 2020 presidential election be contested, Chief Justice John Roberts may determine who becomes the next president. But not because he might be the swing vote in a Supreme Court ruling on the matter. Instead, Roberts might find himself in the awkward position of choosing who to swear in....

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This Is What Abuse of Power Looks Like

by D.J. McGuire Donald Trump committed an impeachable offense Friday night; if his defenders would rather I stop saying that, then he needs to stop doing them. This particular abuse of power and offense to the Constitution was his commutation of Roger Stone’s jail time. I’m not going to provide chapter and verse on Stone’s...

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The Campus Covid Crisis To Come

Colleges and universities are claiming they can reopen safely, with students acting like mature adults. College professors and parents know differently. As the father of a rising college sophomore, I am highly conflicted about the wisdom of reopening universities in September. On one hand, my son is thrilled to be going back to his beloved...

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Reducing Police Forces Can Mean Smaller Government – and Lower Taxes

by D.J. McGuire Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, by and large, aren’t thinking about property taxes – and for good reason. The recent spate of visible abuses of power by local police forces has made it clear that a serious rethink is in order regarding local “public safety.” Whether one prefers Reform, Defund,...

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Investigate Police Departments for White Supremacy … and Russian Espionage

by D.J. McGuire There has been a lot to process over the last few weeks – and that’s an understatement. We saw yet another homicide of an African-American by police officers. We saw more protests in response. We saw more people – almost all of them white, from the anecdotal evidence I’ve seen – take...

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