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Rudy’s Partners In Crimea (Ep. 227)

This MPU episode covers the Turkish incursion into Syria and what ethnic cleansing of the Kurds might look like, Rudy’s unfortunate Ukrainian pals and what a straw donor scheme might look like, Trump’s growing impeachment headaches and what a senate impeachment trial might look like, what the fourth Democratic debate might look like, and AOC’s...

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Whistleblowers-palooza (Ep. 226)

This episode covers developments in the Trump impeachment imbroglio and the latest from the Democratic primary campaign trail.

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The Three Hour Debate (Ep. 223)

In this podcast the MPU gang looks back at the third Democratic primary debate, the Iran attack on the Saudi oil fields, Trump’s continued parade of corruption, and how the Felicity Huffman, Brett Kavanaugh and Shane Gillis controversies are redefining justice in America.

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Spy Games (Ep. 222)

  This episode covers the fallout from the burned U.S. spy who had to be extracted from Russia, how the Trump administration is dangerously rewriting the norms of federal agency independence, and what to look for (and not look for) in the upcoming Democratic primary debate.

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“F” The Gun Culture (Ep. 221)

On the heels of yet another mass shooting in Texas, the More Perfect Union hosts discuss the second amendment, the rationale for hunting as a sport, and how to take on the out-of-control gun culture in this country. Then they turn their sights to the 2020 primaries and the rest of the week in Trumplandia,...

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Nuking Hurricanes (Ep. 220)

In this episode the MPU gang discusses Trump’s antics at the G7 summit, his idea about nuking hurricanes, and the latest entree into the Republican presidential primary contest.

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The Orphan Photo Op (Ep. 218)

This week the gang discusses Trump’s “consoler-in-chief” trips to El Paso and Dayton, the Jeffrey Epstein suicide conspiracies, and how they deal with political differences in their own families.

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Debate Nachos (Ep. 216)

In this episode the gang talks about the aftermath of Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony, Trump’s racist attacks on Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, what they expect in the new round of Democratic debates, and the secret ingredient in Greg’s world-famous debate nachos.

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Latest Articles

Donald Trump Is a Coward

by D.J. McGuire Over the past year, it has become clear that the Stalinist regime in northern Korea has no intention of slowing – let alone reversing – its build-up of nuclear weapons and missiles. Yet with each act of provocation, Donald Trump responds by backing down or explaining away the danger (Time)… As Russia...

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The Goldilocks Democrats

by Kevin Kelton I just watched a segment on Morning Joe in which the hosts were saying that the Democratic Party insiders they know are nervous because as much as they disdain President Trump, they simply cannot bring themselves to vote for Elizabeth Warren. But, they countered, there are just as many Democrats who are worried...

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Donald Trump Should Be Removed From Office

by D.J. McGuire The opinion expressed in the title of this post is almost certainly a minority position among the Bearing Drift editors and contributors. It is still my view, however. While I have multiple reasons, I will focus on the most recent one to come to light: President Trump’s attempt to strong-arm the popularly...

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Will Ukraine Shift the Never-Trump Ground on Impeachment?

by D.J. McGuire House Democrats deciding whether or not to support impeaching President Trump have faced numerous pressures in either direction – usually, folks to their left all but demand, while those to their right forswear it. One of the loudest impeachment-is-a-bad-idea factions has been the slowly dwindling but still influential group known as Never...

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There They Go Again: Fed Cuts Rates When It Shouldn’t Have

by D.J. McGuire Well, they didn’t listen to me – or at least most of them didn’t. Beset by admittedly strong recession concerns but unable to acknowledge loose monetary policy won’t solve the problem, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee reduced its interest rate again, less than two months after the previous cut (CNBC): Following...

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Did the New York Times Just Tilt the Election Scales to the Democrats?

by D.J. McGuire In an attempt to review a book on Justice Brett Kavanaugh by two of its reporters, The New York Times put up an excerpt that caused quite an uproar – including an omission that left Kavanaugh defenders livid. Margaret Sullivan had the details in the Washington Post. The book authors, Times reporters Robin Pogrebin...

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