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Recent Episodes

President Rick Santorum (Ep. 244)

  This week’s episode looks at Attorney General Barr’s moves to reward Trump’s gaggle of jail friends and then turns its focus on the Democratic primary race.

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Tweaking Mitch McConnell’s Balls (Ep.243)

This week’s podcast looks at the senate impeachment vote, the results of the Iowa caucuses, and the shape of the Democratic race. Plus you’ll learn why Mitch McConnell got his very own episode title!

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Iowa App Issues (Ep. 242)

This week’s episode covers the confusion surrounding the Iowa caucuses, the imminent acquittal in the senate impeachment, and how the hosts reacted to the Super Bowl half-time show controversy.

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One Week To Iowa (Ep. 241)

This episode looks at the ongoing senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the final days before the Iowa caucus, the Coronavirus, and the public response to the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant.  

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Inside Iowa (Ep. 240)

In this episode, former SNL cast member Gary Kroeger talks about what it’s like inside an Iowa caucus and then joins the gang to look ahead to the senate impeachment trial of Donald John Trump.

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Hot Dog Eating Contest (Ep. 239)

In this episode the MPU gang looks at the upcoming impeachment trial, Trump’s Iran brouhaha, the Iowa caucuses, their choices for the Oscars, and who among them would win a hot dog eating contest.

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The Three B’s (Ep. 238)

This episode covers the new hostilities with Iran, whether it’s good for Democrats to have John Bolton testify at the senate impeachment trial, and what it means now that Biden, Buttigieg and Bernie (the three B’s) have risen to the top in Iowa.

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The Aaron Sorkin President (Ep. 237)

  On this week’s podcast, Rebekah and DJ fly solo as they discuss the impeachment standoff, the latest Democratic debate, the person running to be the Aaron Sorkin president, and how the evangelical right has been co-opted by the conservative right (or vice versa).

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Latest Articles

Supporting Bernie Sanders is a Mistake, No Matter Your Reason

by D.J. McGuire I’ve said relatively little about the party I joined in the aftermath of Trump’s election victory — besides warning the Virginia branch not to get too complacent about recent election victories. The Trumpster fire that is the Republican Party has, for what I think are understandable reasons, dominated my attention. That doesn’t...

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Thank You, Senator Romney

by D.J. McGuire “Romney voted to convict the president. His fellow Republicans voted to convict themselves.” – Windsor Mann, The Week Truth be told, I don’t think I could have said it any better. My antipathy for Donald Trump is no secret. He was why I left the Republican Party in 2016. I am in...

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So You Really Want to Defeat the Iranian Regime?

by D.J. McGuire “A strange game, the only winning move is not to play” – Joshua, War Games Less than a week after Qasem Soleimani was killed in an American drone attack in Baghdad, the Iranian regime’s military has responded with a dozen-plus missile attacks on two American bases. Thankfully, as of early this morning,...

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A Tactical Success Does Not a Strategy Make

by D.J. McGuire “So he was murdered. I have no problem with that; the man was a pig. But it was a decision we should have all made together.” – Viktor Slavin, as portrayed by Boris Lee Krutonog, The Hunt for Red October The United States sent a message to the Middle East with the...

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We Were Warned: What the 2015 Trade Debate Said About the GOP

by D.J. McGuire There has been a lot of ink spilled and bytes burned over the decay of the Republican ecosystem (including by yours truly), but every now and then, someone hits upon a canary in the coal mine that too many of us missed at the time (or that I just missed). Brian Rosenwald...

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The MPU Impeachment Journal

This column is a compilation of separate thoughts on impeachment and the state of American politics. As I predicted on the podcast, the two limited and obtuse articles of impeachment that Nancy Pelosi and company adopted are woefully inadequate for the task at hand: galvanizing the nation’s attention and exposing President Trump’s lack of fitness for...

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