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Unemployment Pandemic (Ep. 251)

This episode looks at the economic impact of the coronavirus and the controversial decision to hold the Wisconsin primary during that state’s stay-at-home lockdown. Then the hosts share what necessities of life they have learned to buy online while sheltering in place.  

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Gimme Shelter In Place (Ep. 250)

This episode looks at the new shelter-in-place culture and then answers the burning Bernie Bros. question, “where’s Joe Biden?” (Hint: you’re not looking hard enough.)

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1918 or 1929? (Ep. 249)

This episodes looks at the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak and the status of the Democratic primary race in a Covid-19 world.

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But He Persisted (Ep. 248) This episode looks ahead at the primaries in Florida, Illinois, Arizona and (maybe) Ohio, and other news that isn’t necessarily about Trump.

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VP Stakes (Ep. 247)

  This week’s podcast looks at the two man race between Biden and Sanders, who would make a good VP choice for Joe, how the CoronaVirus could change the way we live, and the long-term impact of Trump’s new truce deal with the Taliban.

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Goin’ To Carolina (Ep. 245)

  This week’s MPU podcast looks ahead to the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday, then turns its sights on the rape conviction of Harvey Weinstein and its affect on the #MeToo movement.

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President Rick Santorum (Ep. 244)

  This week’s episode looks at Attorney General Barr’s moves to reward Trump’s gaggle of jail friends and then turns its focus on the Democratic primary race.

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Tweaking Mitch McConnell’s Balls (Ep.243)

This week’s podcast looks at the senate impeachment vote, the results of the Iowa caucuses, and the shape of the Democratic race. Plus you’ll learn why Mitch McConnell got his very own episode title!

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Latest Articles

A Pandemic Journal

A running journal of thoughts and feelings compiled during the stay-at-home period of the coronavirus outbreak.  April 8: KEVIN: (Frist entry, three weeks in.) Feeling a little vulnerable tonight. Maybe because I watched the latest episode of The Plot Against America, which was excellent but really brought home the danger that white nationalism and a naively...

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The Economics of COVID-19: How to Build the New Normal (UPDATED)

by D.J. McGuire Today, Americans are undergoing dramatic social and economic changes as a result of the coronavirus, with some of the more dramatic affects still to come. The crisis will either “go big” (a massive spike in cases that overwhelms our medical industry and forces life-and-death choices on a massive scale) or “go long”...

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Covid-16 Is Infecting 2020

By Kevin Kelton You wouldn’t knowingly risk infecting someone important to you with the coronavirus. Yet millions of thoughtless Democrats are infecting their party’s presumptive nominee. Every day, we see reckless Democrats passing on the germs of dirty politics to Joe Biden. They selfishly cough up words like “dementia,” “handsy,” “corporate-owned,” and even high-risk terms...

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The “Bloomberg’s Billions” Fallacy

by Kevin Kelton Mike Bloomberg recently pledged that even if he isn’t the Democratic nominee, he’d gladly use billions of his dollars to help defeat Donald Trump. That money would come in handy for the eventual nominee. But after the pummeling he took in last night’s debate, does anybody really believe that Bloomy would drop...

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Supporting Bernie Sanders is a Mistake, No Matter Your Reason

by D.J. McGuire I’ve said relatively little about the party I joined in the aftermath of Trump’s election victory — besides warning the Virginia branch not to get too complacent about recent election victories. The Trumpster fire that is the Republican Party has, for what I think are understandable reasons, dominated my attention. That doesn’t...

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Thank You, Senator Romney

by D.J. McGuire “Romney voted to convict the president. His fellow Republicans voted to convict themselves.” – Windsor Mann, The Week Truth be told, I don’t think I could have said it any better. My antipathy for Donald Trump is no secret. He was why I left the Republican Party in 2016. I am in...

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