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Birther 2.0 (Ep. 214)

  This episode covers President Trump’s feud with four progressive congresswomen, Nancy Pelosi’s feud with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezi, former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s feud with his own Jeffrey Epstein plea bargain, and billionaire candidate Tom Steyer’s feud with logic and reason.

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Whole Lotta Shakin’ (Ep. 213)

This week, the MPU gang discusses the California earthquakes, Trump’s rain-soaked military parade, and the latest developments in the 2020 presidential race.

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Debating the Debates (Ep.212)

This week, the MPU gang looks at the first set of Democratic debates, Trump’s international diplomatic travels, and what to expect from Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony.

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Biden v. Booker (Ep. 211)

This week, the gang looks at Trump’s backpedal on Iran, Joe Biden’s segregation revelation, and a give their preview of the upcoming Democratic debates.

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Opposition Research (Ep. 210)

This week, the MPU gang discusses Trump’s comments about accepting opposition research from foreign governments, Sarah Sanders leaving the White House, and the four year anniversary of Trump’s 2015 escalator ride into history.

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Life After Mueller (Ep. 208)

  Portland radio personality Carl Wolfson joins the gang to discuss Robert Mueller’s press conference, the chances of having an impeachment inquiry, the state of the 2020 Democratic race, potential primary challenges for Trump, and LGBT Pride Month.

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First They Call You Crazy (Ep. 207)

  This week, the MPU gang discusses Trump versus Pelosi, congress versus Mueller, Lewandowski versus Biden, Pence versus transgender people, and Stephen Miller versus military justice.

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Reproductive Justice (Ep. 206)

  On this MPU episode, Kevin, DJ, Greg, and Rebekah discuss the latest assault on Roe v. Wade, the Trump v. China trade war, and the primary campaign prospects of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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Latest Articles


Everyone in America has spent the past several days talking about racism. The word has been repeated so many times that it doesn’t even really sound like a word anymore. It almost sounds like what happens when you try to pronounce an acronym. Like we’re trying to say “RSZM” or something. Everyone is all muddled...

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What on Earth Happened to the Republican Party?

by D.J. McGuire I was away from home – at a science fiction convention in North Carolina, no less – when the President of the United States demanded four members of Congress leave America for “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” (CNN) – never mind that three of the members...

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Debate Recap Number One

Last night was the first democratic debate and as you might expect, all of us at MPU were eagerly gathered around our televisions, savoring every political moment. Actually, that’s not true. I was recovering from a headache, DJ actually started the night watching Thor: Ragnarok with his wife ,who was slightly displeased to be seeing...

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Biden and the Segregationists: Anatomy of a Mistake

by D.J. McGuire Let’s say you are a Democratic candidate for president of the United States. You are attempting to show voters that you can help fix the broken state of governance in Washington. You are intending to use examples of “reaching across the aisle“ and “working with people despite disagreements on other issues.“ You...

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Insulin: A Story of Market and Government Failures

by D.J. McGuire One of the more confusing – and for diabetes sufferers, outright frightening – market realities is the recent increase in insulin prices. Given that insulin is not exactly a new product (first discovered in the 1920s), a sudden increase in price seems a bit odd at first. When combined with numerous anecdotes...

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The Purge of Freer Market Defenders from the Trumpist GOP, Part II

by D.J. McGuire Last week I reviewed how the conservative movement has begun to redefine itself in a way that no longer includes supporters of freer markets. That continued yesterday morning when Henry Olsen – best known recently for his hilarious mislabeling of Justin Amash, see Charles Sykes in The Bulwark for more on that...

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